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The Basics | Apparel Mock-up Pack

The Basics | Apparel Mock-up Pack

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Introducing The Basics Apparel Mock-up Pack 

This version of apparel mock-ups is pre-layered, measured, and designed with 100% accuracy to existing garments. Each mock-up is layer named and color coordinated according to the contents of the garment. All mock-ups can be edited freely and at your discretion. 

The Basics Apparel Mock-up Pack

  • [x] pre-layered measurement lines 
  • [x] adobe illustrator file for custom editing and curating 
  • [x] trucker hat 
  • [x] classic tee 
  • [x] classic beanie
  • [x] *bonus* crew socks  
Create anything you can imagine...
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • GIMP 
  • ProCreate (iPAD)
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Print and Draw

Approved by Manufactures
Accepted by Professionals

  • Customize the fabric panels, stitching, and sizing of each garment
  • Create new styles of clothing and redefine fashion
  • Design and launch your own merchandise line with this powerful tool 
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