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Without a clear goal, vision, or mindset we miss out on opportunities that may be staring at us in the face. A wise man once said recognizing greatness is key to having a great mind. There's no secret key to becoming a great designer, producer, or connoisseur of clothing. Just don't quit. If obstacles are created, so are ways to overcome them. This mockup pack is a tool I used to overcome the obstacle of presenting my idea to a manufacturer. When creating with others communication is key. I use this tool to visually communicate design concepts with manufacturers, focus groups, and countless individuals that are a part of my marketing team. This pack includes 40+ styles of apparel and bonus accessories/items. 



  • ProCreate (iPAD)

Optimize the design process by visually communicating your ideas with this easy-to-use apparel mockup pack.

Use this for your own visual guidance, when submitting files to manufacturers, and when presenting to internal design personnel.

  • Customize the fabric panels, stitching, and sizing of each garment
  • Create new styles of clothing and redefine fashion
  • Design and launch your own merchandise line with this powerful tool  
  • Graphic Designer Certified 
  • Approved by Manufactures
  • Guaranteed by Professionals

List of Items

- [x] Hoodie
- [x] Oversized Cropped Hoodie
- [x] Hoodie Open Bottom
- [x] Dickies Jacket
- [x] Hoodie Zip
- [x] Hoodie Full Zip
- [x] Letterman/Varsity Jacket
- [x] Work Jacket
- [x] Cardigan
- [x] Motorcycle Jacket
- [x] Puffer Jacket
- [x] Hooded Puffer Jacket
- [x] Balaclava
- [x] Ski Mask
- [x] Classic Beanie
- [x] Skullcap
- [x] Small Beanie
- [x] Crewneck
- [x] Knit Crewneck
- [x] Longsleeve Polo
- [x] Longsleeve Button Down Tee
- [x] Sweatpants
- [x] Cargo Pants
- [x] Jeans
- [x] Tee
- [x] Cropped Tee
- [x] Polo Tee
- [x] Button Down Short Sleeve Tee
- [x] Vest
- [x] Basketball Jersey
- [x] Football Jersey
- [x] Hockey Jersey
- [x] Shorts
- [x] Cargo Shorts
- [x] Longsleeve Tee
- [x] Cropped Longsleeve Tee
- [x] Dad Hat
- [x] Mesh Trucker Hat
- [x] Fitted Hat
- [x] Bucket Hat
- [x] Tote Bag
- [x] Crew Socks
- [x] Beach Towel
- [x] Sports Towel
- [x] Umbrella
- [x] Durag
- [x] Water Bottle
- [x] Phone Case
- [x] Coffee Mug

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